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Help, I’m worried. My latest lung CT has changed dramatically.

Scared. I’ve had lung modules over the last several years with no change. However my recent CT shows “Multiple right upper lobe consolidative opacities, with morphology suggestive of mucus plugging and scarring. However, given the background emphysema and there development compared to prior study, malignancy is in the differential. Consider short  interval chest CT to document stability. If malignancy is clinically suspected, a PET/CT can also be performed“.  It also shows nodules:  “NODULES:
Compared to 2015, there has been interval development of multiple solid opacities in the right upper lobe, some of which have morphology suggestive of endobronchial mucous plugging and scarring. Reference opacity measures 1.2 x 0.9 cm (on axial series 2
image 53). The remaining lesions are marked on PACS).  

Over the last couple of months my breathing has worsened (I have COPD) and I’ve developed a chronic cough. Please can you explain what this CT means. I’m scared of lung cancer.
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