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Hi! I originally went to the ER in June diagnosed with pneumonia/bronchitis. I have been on and off a surplus of antibiotics and prednisone.  I have shortness of breath and pain in the lung/ back area. I am on spiriva, symbicort, ventolin, levalbuteral, and 800 ibuprofen. This has been going on for 5 months. X- ray was clear two months ago. All blood labs and cultures clear. My doctors do not know what to do for me? I'm constantly tired and in pain and short of breath. I'm 25, and should not be this sick!
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I'm on much the same inhalers and I still struggle with shortness of breath.
I find lung and back pains maybe from excessive strain when my breathing gets difficult or I over exert myself.
Your symptoms could be related to copd or there maybe another problem.
If you get frustrated with your condition the doctor has no more answers consider seeing someone else.
best wishes
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Thank you! I've seen two other Pulmanary doctors who added more COPD inhalers. I'm still hurting, still out of breath and still exhausted all the time.

Everyone is still perplexed as to why I have not gotten better.

Is it possible to have/get COPD without ever smoking or being around smoke?

I'm going to the best pulmonary doctor in my state next week. Fingers crossed, because honestly I'm so over being sick and seeing so many doctors without answers.
Thanks for replying ❤️
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Hello, I know its been long since your last post but you are pretty much describing what is happening to me now. Did your problem get solved what was your diagnosis? Doctors cant seem to find whats wrong with me, but im just so tired and have shortness of breath from time to time... Im desperate and no one can give me any answers, please help!
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