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Hypersensitive pnemonitis - birds fanciers lung

Multiple cystic lesions of air attenuation distributed throughout the lungs causing architectural distortion, predominantly in the apical segments and in the periphery.
Random diffuse areas of ground glass opacification noted (alveolitis) . Mild diffuse increase in attenuation of lung parenchyma.
Multiple diffuse areas of traction bronchiectasis and bronchial wall thickening noted.
Areas of pleural thickening noted, the major fissures appear thickened , Apical pleural thickening with fibrotic strands are seen.
Multiple subpleural areas of honey combing with interstial thickening predominantly in the basal segments.
Enlarged pulmonary artery (transverse diameter of main branch of ~39mm) Rest of the great vessel appear normal.

now i am in Steroid treatment and in 24 hr oxygen supply. My pulmonary artery comes to normal,My health condition improves well to the therapy and my Spo2 level without O2 is 94 but while on excretion it drops to 75 and slowly comes to 85 then to 88 and after 5 minutes it comes above 90.And my question is WHAT ARE REVERSIBLE IN THAT INFECTION ,How long i am in o2 therapy,i am afraid if it takes as life long therapy and How long it takes to come above 90 % as standard while at excretion and also in rest .Is i am going to die soon? my age 25 and i m a non smoker.
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