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Is this a normal progression?

I'm 67 and was diagnosed with Emphasema in Oct 2008. I quit smoking in Nov of 1995 and really was shocked to find that quitting apparently didn't stop the development of COPD. I may have had it quite awhile since I have been asthmatic since early childhood.
When I was diagnosed the nurse who tested me said I had 50% lung capacity. I'm not sure what that really meant and my doctor is one of those that you have to chain to the chair for any answers.
I've had a couple of exsacerbated attacks, but mostly not too much problem until this last month. Suddenly I have had three weeks in which I have had trouble walking or talking without being very short of breath. This seems too long for an exsacerbation but I didn't think the progression was in fits and starts normally. Any help out there?
Thanks ..
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I also have copd. I am 64.  Are you on any inhalers? They help me a lot. I have 3. I am on oxygen at night with my cpap. My lung Doctor told me as long as I stay on my meds and stay away from the cigarettes, I will never get any worse. I have to be careful not to get pneumonia, but my meds should help me there.
I would get a new doctor if he or she does not answer your questions. Get a good specialist.  Quitting smoking does help more than you know. You are weak because of your flair up. Did your Doctor give you an antibotic? Did your Doc prescribe a steroid? I had one this month too and it put me back on the oxygen 24/7. I actually had pneumonia.  I am now ok and back to the oxygen just at night with my cpap.
I hope this helps. If you need to talk, I am here. God Bless
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Hi, thanks so much for your response. I'm on Spiriva and use a Nebulizer with Albuterol. I have a rescue inhaler for my asthma. I did have a weeks course of Prednisone about 3 or 4 weeks ago when I had a bad spell. I don't want Advair as I used it for a couple of years for asthma before the COPD was diagnosed and didn't see any benefit from it at all.
Hopefully my doctor will help me find a way to improve a bit. He's one of several Pulmonologists that have been highly praised in the area.
I just started on oxygen at night a few weeks ago as I couldn't use the CPAP long enough to do much good or at least enough to make Medicare happy. The oxygen I can tolerate.
When I got extremely short of breath today during a short conversation I decided to try the oxygen after a Nebulizer treatment and it seemed to work pretty well. I hope that's just during this flare up. I still work and don't want to haul oxygen around if possible. That would make it all so real....
Since I quit smoking over 14 years ago I don't know if it helped me in any way. I noticed I had more asthma problems after I quit...go figure. I'm glad that your doctor thinks you won't progress...that's the best news one could hope for with this disease, I guess. What inhalers do you use?
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I use spriva in the morning, Albuterol is the rescue inhaler and symbicort. I have to be careful not to get the flu or phenomena because they will cause harm to my lungs. The disease its self should not get any worse. I could get hit by a bus too, so God only knows how I will go out.
I do oxygen at night too. I use the cpap when I can. Some times it works and sometimes I wake up with it attached to my forehead or laying on my chest. I don't like it much, but they say it will strengthen my lungs if I use it all the time. I try. My Doctor does not like the Nebulizers. I have one, but I never have used it.
I can talk without geting short of breath, but I can't walk for long or do things without resting in between tasks. Most of that is the pain in my lower back. I think it is musles but then I don't really know what is causing it. If I could fix that then I could do more.
I hope this finds you well and happy. If you want to talk I will be here.
God Bless
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