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Life expectancy with COPD at 30 years old

Haven't been diagnosed yet, but apparently there's a strong chance I have it. (symptoms for 3 years including wheezing 75% of the time I breathe, struggling to breathe, almost passing out from doing any strenuous activity).

Everything I've read about life expectancy has been vague and when I find something it's all related to 65 year olds and older since the disease does skew older.

If I have it, what are the odds I live past 50? 60? Is there a chance it can kill me at 35 and is there any chance I can live to 90? I know there are variables in place, but figured I'd ask.
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Very interested in this as well. Similar situation here: 35, very strong indications of COPD, no firm diagnosis (yet), very worried about life expectancy. I Have a very young son. Thanks for any insights anyone could share.
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Any updates on this you guys? I am going through the same stuff to a point and would like to hear anything i can about this...I am 38...
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