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My recent Pulmonary Function Test

Recently for the past 6 months I have been having shortness of breath constantly throughout the whole day until I fall asleep and I could never understand why this started happening to me. One day half way through the day I just started to breathe and then started having to keep constantly take deep breaths to get a "satisfactory" breathe and half the time it does not even work. At first I did not think anything of it so I just kept ignoring it until about a week and a half later I decided to go to the hospital. While in the hospital the Doctor performed a chest x-ray on me which he said came out negative and then did a blood test on me which later came out normal as well. He didn't diagnose me with anything but wanted me to stay in the hospital. Since I had work in the morning I decided not to stay even after the those tests were negative. So I proceeded to try and ignore it but eventually would not go away again so I went to schedule an appointment with a Pulmonary Doctor. The doctor at first did not diagnose me with anything expect just to give me some medications. The medication he prescribed was prednisone which honestly did not do anything to make the symptoms better and also an inhaler which did no affect as well.

So I asked the doctor to perform a pulmonary function test on me even though he did not see the reason for it but since its my body I wanted to see if there was some underlying cause of my consist breathing issue. Ill post the results below

FEV1: 4.33 Liters
FEV1 %: 98%
FVC: 4.94 Liters
FEV1/FVC: 88%
TLC: 6.18 Liters
TLC %: 88%
RV: 0.92 Liters
RV/TLC: 15%
DLCO/VA: 6.25 Liters

When the doctor performed this test my stats were as follows
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 164lbs
Sex: Male

Now Im 23 years old and not sure if my PFT could have been decrease a lot by now. I was wondering if anyone who knows how to read PFT can explain my results to me since my doctor did not explain to me. I should also probably mention that I'm not a smoker and my parents are not smokers but I have been around second hand smoke throughout my life due to other family members and cousins. Im also around it now since I am a firefighter currently and also dealing with all these exhaust fumes coming from the engines. Just recently for the past month my nose has been getting really stuffy and I been getting what sounds like wheezing coming through the nose but not the mouth. I have had a very very very minor cough for the past week. Just been having minor pains throughout the ribs and my stomach always feels bloated like my diaphragm is not working right. Its very weird to explain. No lung diseases run in my family but heart disease does. I honestly hope I am not developing early COPD. I did have a Alpha 1 test which came back negative as well. I do have a video of the nose sound but not sure how to upload that. If anyone can give any suggestions of what they would do or what they think please don't shy and Im sorry if this was a bad website to post this. Just wasn't sure where else to go before thinking about seeing a doctor again since apparently they just shrug me off as nothing. I also take fitness very seriously and do workout a lot and I am able to complete my workouts but some days I get more out of breath then others but it doesn't prevent me from finishing the workouts. Thanks to anyone who read all this and responds.
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Your Dr should go over it with u . Mine explained mine to me. Call and keep after it until he does
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I hope you have had success in getting a resolution! My husband has experienced the very same issues and then some for over a year now.  He had appt. with gastrologist today checking for GERD, scheduled for endoscopicthe end of this month.  He has gone from pneumonia, Vtech ablation, COPD, Asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergic reaction to silicates,  Sinus polyp surgery, complete blood allergy tests, dysfunctional vocal chords,  anxiety/panic attacks, high blood pressure, go figure he is anxious and desperate to figure out what is actually causing his breathing issues.  Aleve three times a day tends to be the magic drug that gives him relief.  Doctors all say that doesn't make sense and that can hurt your liver ..... but ya know what, it helps him to have a couple of hours of relief and somewhat normal life style.
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