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Need Help reading my PFT test results
I need help from a Pulmnary Doctor to tell me what my PFT test saids
by JeanneWhite, 1 minute ago
I got my records from the hospital on the test that I had done.  I don't know if I am at normal range or below normal range.  The test said the following.
FVC Liters - Ref is 2.95 -Pre meas is 2.35-Pre % Re3f is 80 Post Meas is 2.46 Post % Ref is 84-Post % chg is 5
FEV 1 Liters - Ref is 2.46 Pre Meas is 1.84- Pre % Ref is 75 Post Meas is 1.93- Post % Ref is 84 -Post % Chg is 5
FEV1/FVC % - Ref is 85- Pre Meas 78- Post Meas is 78
FET 100% Sec- Pre Meas is 7.52 and Post Meas is 7.98
DLCO mL/mmHg/min - Ref is 21.4, Pre Meas is 16.9, Pre % Ref is 79
DLCO/VA mL/mHg/min/L - Ref is 4.17, Pre Meas is 5.34, Pre % Ref is 128
VA liters - Ref is 4.58, Pre Meas is **3.16, Pre % Ref is **69
IVC Liters - Ref is 3.10, Pre Meas is **2.22, Pre % Ref is **71
BHT Sec - Pre Meas is 10.10
Can someone tell me what these figures means??
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