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PFT Interpretation followup PART 1

A few posts below I posted my original question titled PFT Interpretation. I do have COPD and would therefore appreciate your interpretation of the PFT information originally provide.

Below is your response to my post but I am not clear on what you mean. In the first paragraph you question whether the PFT values I provided are valid. To the best of my knowledge the PFT values are valid. They were done in a newer lab that is run by the only Respirologist in the city so would assume that it is valid so am wondering what specifically caused you to question or possibly doubt the numbers provided?

Your second paragraph indicates PFT values greater than predicted indicate lung hyperinflation caused by different lung diseases, and in my case it would be a result of COPD. I specifically had concerns about the 145% of predicted for the RV and 136% of predicted for FRC. These values seem to be considerably higher than one would want but have no idea of the significance, and whether these values are consistent with mild COPD or severe COPD so would appreciate your advice on these values. I would also appreciate knowing whether the values shown for DLCO, which are all greater that 100% of predicted, are a good thing or a bad thing being greater than 100% of predicted? In addition the FEF25-75% seem very low so would appreciate your comments on these values as well.

As for your third paragraph I am not understanding the values you are questioning so will provide the values here in a little different format to be sure you are getting the correct values and perhaps that will aid you in providing the interpretation.

Predicted 4.54
Pre Drug Reported 5.03
% of Predicted 111%
Post Drug Reported 5.24
% of Predicted 116%

Predicted 3.64
Pre Drug Reported 2.37
% of Predicted 65%
Post Drug Reported 2.46
% of Predicted 68%

Predicted 80
Pre Drug Reported 47
% of Predicted 59%
Post Drug Reported 47
% of Predicted 59%

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