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PTB/Pneumonia Left Middle Lung

My chest x ray results found out that there are haziness on my left middle lung which resulted to Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) vs Pneumonia. What does it mean? I really need the advice to start my work soon. I don't feel sick, I don't have cough and cold but sometimes I feel like there's sometjing in my throat and that I have to clear it before speaking. When I spit the phlegm it has clear color. Please it makes me nervous. Can I cure it? Can it be prevented so that it won't get worse? Thank you
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hi no one is anwering here..you have to consult your doctor and they will refer you to your public cilic to get the free medication.....it's hard it was last year June 2016 when I had an xray and found out that hazzines in my right upper lobe and IT WAS PTB..I take the medication with the right sleep and I leave from my work for 2 weeks when I started the meds...after August I got pregant..it worst my feelings and emotions ...but I never stop my medication ..I was been consulted a lot of doctors ...OB...pulmonary doctors ...but still I came up with my own decision to continue my meds till december ...I delivered my healthy baby boy last May 21, 2017 ..Thanks God HIS fine ...EVEN i AM NOT FINE...I always attacked by my ashtma how many times after giving birth...and decided to consult a doctor and had my xray last Ocotber 19, 2017. and sad to know the result but I really don't know yet..tomorrow is my schedule to get my sputum ...RIGHT UPPER LOBE INFILTRATIONS, CONSIDERED PTB......that's my reault..

I am sick..yes I had cough now...but no blood ...oh God please help..I am so worried about my baby ..I don't want him to get sick...but I am still breast feeding him..hope my result tomorrow is not too bad ..miracle will happen
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