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They found 6 small polyps in my lungs

Hello I am 27 years old and never been so worried and scared in my whole life. I went to the ER for ovary pain. To the point where I could barely breath or walk pain. After having my baby five months ago I’ve been having a lot of health issues. They did a CT to find out what’s going on and found 6 small polyps in my lungs by accident. They weren’t too worried as they do want to do a repeat in 3 months to make sure it’s not cancer. Please tell me there are other causes that could possibly make polyps just pop up and that the only resort is cancer. I’ve never done any drugs, never smoked in my life. I did end up with the flu before they found these polyps in my lungs. The weird thing is during the time of being sick I did go to the ER for sore throats and chest pain they did an X-ray and I was clear. But after done being sick that’s when supposedly the polyps piped up. Please help.
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