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What else do I need to do?

I have COPD and bullous emphysema. I have had pneumonia for several months. I have done levaquin, then 20 days of cefepime IV 3 times a day. I cleared up substantially. I am now taking an antibiotic called bactrim. I seems to be still hanging around, ie coughing up the yellow/light green sputum and tired. No temperature. Is the pneumonia ever going to go away?
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research nebulization of peroxide and saline mixture.it is simple and effective combine this with your current regimen it will break up the biofilms from the bacteria so that antibiotics will actually be able to get to te bacteria to kill it.peroxide and the saline will also kill the bacteria.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Very sorry to hear that you have battling this for so long.  It has been a week or so since you posted this.  How are you doing?  Any improvement?  The lingering cough can last.  It sounds like they are trying to cover all bases for eradicating the pneumonia.  Most likely, your lungs are now clearing and the actual infection has passed.  Your airways are irritated and this can take some time to recover from especially with your already compromised state.  Do you use an inhaler?  This article is a quick read https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/features/stubborn-cough#1.  I think following up with your doctor at the end of taking Bactrim if you are still coughing would be a good idea to get their guidance.  But likely, it's the dreaded lingering cough.  Let us know how you are doing.
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This sounds like something I went through for a few weeks.  One night I woke up to go to the bathroom and my breathing became more and more labored.  I popped in a nitroglycerin one at a time; I used my COPD inhaler.  Finally, I called 311 and was taken to the hospital.  The doctors guessed I had pneumonia and put me in a HARD mask to clear my lungs.  I liken the condition to severe asthma.

This happened 2 or 3 more times in the course of one year.  Finally, the heart doctor took over my treatment and prescribed entresto and a strong inhaler to be used when my breathing becomes labored.  I am told my heart becomes overworked, cannot pump properly and the lungs fill with fluid.  I can't accurately describe the procedure.  I have COPD and CHF.  Lungs and heart!

You might want to have your heart checked just in case.

Best wishes to you,

I have had a follow up visit after all this and my lungs appear to be almost rid of the pneumonia. Dr said it would take up to 6 more weeks for it to totally clear up. I am now using my nebulizer twice a day with a mixture of Levalbuterol and Hypertonic saline 7%. Mucus now all white again. Hopefully I can keep my lungs flushed now and prevent more recurrences of pneumonia and pseudonymous.

I have already had my heart checked because of shortness of breath just to be sure and my heart is good, no blockage, etc.

I appreciate the responses.
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