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My father developed Amaridone lung toxicity from this drug after being prescribed to it for only a few days. He otherwise was a very strong healthy man who had a sudden small attack with his heart to get out of rhythm. This drug has completely destroyed his lungs. He is fighting for his life and the pulmonary doctor said it takes up to 30 days to get out of his system although the damage is done to the lungs. Why do doctors prescribe this drug knowing it can do this. I have researched and this drug is killing people everyday. Why is it still on the market and why is there not much that can help. Steriods and antibiotics are doing nothing to help. If anyone knows any type of treatment to help my father please help. I dont want to lose my completely normal, healthy father who is now reduced to 100% oxygen struggling every breath. This is killing me to see this. I am so angry.
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Do you mean amrinone? Unfortunately respiratory infections are not uncommon. What is the prognosis?
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it is an Amaridone...My father died from it March 30th. Many are dying from this terrible drug. GodBless.
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