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aorta arteritis

i am 30 yrs old. i am suffering from takayasu arteritis(aorta arteritis). it was diagonosed 2 yrs back. i m taking steriods n other medicines. the artery which is going to my left arm is 100% blocked. artery which is going to brain is 45% blocked .cause of this disease is swelling due to my own immune system. i m getting fat day by day. is there any solution. plz help me.
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This question is best answered by a rheumatologist
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Hey Kajal . I'm a 19year old from delhi  suffering from the same disease... which rheumatologist are u seeing ?? My parents are doctors and have done a lot of research on the disease. I've been to almost all the good rheumatologists in Delhi , Ncr . They best one is Dr.Rohini Handa . he sits in apollo hospital , sarita vihar. I personally feel u should see him once..

lets be in touch..and have faith in god.. i hope we feel better soon .:-(
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Hello. In case if you are there. Do you have contact number of doctor rohini?
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