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coughing up blood

I have another questions I have been doing alot of coughing been coughing up alot of plehm but for the past half hour I have been coughing up blood not a smear of blood but a half dollar size amount of blood each time should I worry about this.
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This happens maybe once a months or sometimes twice.I have been going dizzy feeling like i am going to black out it fills like a shudder or a pop inbetween my sternum and belly button. i dont actually faint just go really funny for a few seconds some one told me it could be a embolism. i doubt but i am worried now can you help. i am 22smoke and am healthy what doesthis sound like to you
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If you have 6 blood clots ( pulmonary embolisms) and are coughing up blood you need to get straight back to the hospital, if an embolism bursts and goes to your heart you are in a critical situation. Aspirating blood is a very serious symptom..your really in need of emergency treatment, I am appalled that the hospital let you come home..usually embolisms require surgery.
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