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how does humidy effect COPD in warm climates

My wife has COPD and we live in florida, cold weather seems to worsen her condition yet living in this area withouth aird conditioning is impossible.  We come from New England and the cold weather there also bothers her terribly.

Is there any specific thing we can do including relocation to help her condition? When the air conditioner is on I can get the humidity down to 40% at 71 degrees, but when she steps outside into the 90 degree 70% humidity or vise versa she has a most difficult time.

What would be the ideal cliamate for a person with this worsening condition?

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Humidity and heat is hard on me as well, but cold is just as bad. Try to stay in air conditioning as much as possible when the humidity is up, but make sure she gets exercise. Walk and walk and walk somemore...
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Perhaps COPD would be affected the same way asthma would. Our family had been living at high elevation in a semi-arid country. When we took a trip to New Delhi (hot, humid, low-lying) my young son had trouble breathing and was diagnosed with asthma. We returned to our mountain aerie and the asthma disappeared. He went with a young friend to Israel (hot, humid, low-lying) and the asthma returned. I have COPD and suffer on humid summer days. Whether this is due emphysema as well as asthma I do not know.
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