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predasone question.

I've been on 10 mgs basically 6 weeks,. Working with my gpdo and pulmonary docs..my pulmonary prescribed 20 mgs twice a day. I did just 20mgs 2 days, it floored me..called my gp doc she called in 35  10 mg preds till I seen my pulmonary doc again..i told him I've been on 10 mgs for 40 days..i don't think he heard me..he gave me 20 mgs for  5 days, then 10mgs 5 days then 10 mgs every other day for 6 days then stop...

the other day I kept taking the 10mgs. the next day I dropped to 5mgs,,5 hrs later I felt crappy,so I took the other 5mgs,..i,m on such a low dose to begin with, and I wouldn't think 6 weeks is that long..so I've got a lot of 10mgs here.but the only way to taper is by 5 mgs I cant cut any other way without it being right..

I cant get into see either doc till mid march..   I'm copd and it was helping me..the 20 mgs do but like I say they floor me bad.

well I'm stuck on 10 mgs..I want off these im eating way too much, I do sleep ok though,,.

how  can I  taper a low dose of 10mgs??  thanks
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