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whats is residual fibrosis?

what is the residual fibrosis? what is the cause of residual fibrosis? what is the symptoms of residual fibrosis?
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Residual fibrosis is the fibrosis or lung scarring that persists after treatment. It can cause breathlessness, difficulty in breathing, cough etc. Lung scarring occurs due to pathological deposition of fibrous tissue. This is a progressive disease usually and hence needs frequent periodic monitoring. Long term exposure to pollutants like silica, asbestos, animal droppings, dust, pollens etc can cause this. Other reasons are GERD, certain medications like cancer medicines, some heart medicines or some antibiotics and certain diseases like Sjogren's syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, and sarcoidosis. It is important to identify the cause for this. At times despite all tests no cause is found.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral.
Take care!
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RESIDUAL FIBROSIS BILATERAL UPPER LUNG FIELD?this is major or not can you answer my question???
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