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who still smokes??

I still smoke..i cant seem to stop. Also too much..i will stop cold turkey when its probably to late..

I know there's others that still do..that's what caused my copd to start with..38 yrs..
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I can feel ya...I just turned 50 and I've been smoking 37 years and have COPD with emphysema, Stage1. You would think with that diagnosis and many other illnesses I would have quit by now. All I can say is just keep thinking one day you will be smoke free. I try to go back and forth with a regular cigarette and the e-cig. Pulmonary Doctors dont like e cig either, but we gotta do whatever it takes.  Just keep trying, the rest is in Gods hands.
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I so understand
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I do all kinds of things. I try 1 a hour works for about 3 hrs.. I smoke 2 a hour. When I get up its 3 rite away. When my wife is here I seem to smoke more lol..not cause that. I don't know what stage im in..i take a pft walking test 2 weeks..my oxygen is 98% up and down..I can walk fine. I have gerd witch makes short of  breath..so your 50 im 52 both the same. Does things set your smoking off for more often? if you like you can messge me here instead were everyone can see it..i,m sorry I didn't get  back to ya..thanks
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