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BAD stomach pain, late period, headaches, diarrhea

hello, my sympoms have been going on for the last week. the stomach pain is from where my rib cage meets to where my pants rest on my hips, it really seems to occur when im relaxing for bed. ive tried acetaminophen, ibuprofin, pepto, even eating bread. didnt help at all. ive started to take sleepaids just so i can actually fall asleep. my period is at least 10 to 15 days late, semi normal for me, i have a history of ovarian cycts, but this stomach pain is different form that pain and cramps. the headaches started yesterday and the diarrhea started about 5 days ago.
i was sexually active, but havent been since i moved away from my boyfriend. the last time we had sex, we didnt use a condom and im not on any birthcontrol.
im very worried and need advise ASAP.
thank you for your time,
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I am worried about an ectopic pregnancy- I'm no OB doc, but that is when the conception occurs up in the fallopian tubes.  As the embryo grows it stretches the tube, eventually causing the tube to rupture which can be a bad emergency and can even be fatal.  I would suggest getting in for an exam from your ob/gyn.
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Hopefully your symptoms are better by now, but just in case you might want to get a checkup and see what maybe causeing your pain.
  If you have been useing opiates for any length of time, you may have a bit of withdrawl from that,  ( headache, diahreaha, muscle aches ?)  
Late period,  you may want to get one of those pregnancy tests from the drug store just to check that.

Best wishes,  feel better soon,  and do see your Dr. for a checkup

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