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I'm worried sick

I was recently in the hospital diagnosed with "CHF" and the Dr. that treated my promised (in writing)
that he had made arrangments for me to see a new Dr. once I was discharged from the hospital.
when I tried to make an appointment with this new Dr. I was denied the appointment for some
logistical reason. when I called the hospital Dr. and explained this to him, I was ignored and blown
off, and now have no Dr. at all, with all the health problems I have. soon my meds will run out and
I will be in real trouble. there is a long story to this, but I couldnt write it all here, but I could e-mail
it upon request. I need to ask a Dr. some key questions...thank you.
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My answers here must be 'general' comments, and I can't gather so much information such that you are in essence asking me for direct clinical help-- so I can't accept personal info by e-mail.  As I look at your comments though I would say that the first doctor cannot 'promise' that a second doctor will see you, as the second doctor has no control over the behavior of the people referring to him/her.  It sounds like the typical situation at discharge from a hospital when follow-up appointments are supposedly set up, usually by someone other than the physician (usually a hospital social worker or nurse will set up the follow up appointments).  But if in the meantime something changes, like the person's insurance--  or if the info wasn't collected accurately in the first place-- the follow-up appointment will fall through.

Understand that several people have 'obligations' in such a case, including you.  The doctor who was treating you in the hospital has a duty to hand your care off to someone else;  the duty lies with that doctor though, not with the doctor who he claims 'should' accept you.  If the arrangements your hospital team set up fell through, I would contact the hospital doc and let him/her know that it is 'patient abandonment' to not provide adequate follow-up care for patients at discharge.  

YOU have the duty to do all of this right away, at the first realization that there is a problem.  You cannot wait until the last minute, when meds have run out-  if you have known of the problem for weeks.  So get moving right away;  make phone calls to the hospital social work dept and tell them you are left hanging;  send a certified letter to the doc from the hospital saying that the plans fell through and you are waiting to hear about a different referral option-- since you 'assume' that he/she would not abandon a patient!  If you can't get help, I would consider the hospital quality assurance office, or a patient complaint department, if they have one.  Doctors tend to respond to fear of getting a bad reputation at their admitting hospital.
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