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Recurrent severe calf pain - Bilateral

I am a pediatrician and my wife is an ophthalmologist. She is suffering from severe calf pain, causing her to cry to sleep almost every night for weeks. Calcium, Vit E, Levocarnitine, Co Q, Riboflavine have not shown any benefits. Tizanidine has a limited effect.
Please let me know as to what further steps can be taken? The physicians have not been able to diagnose anything.
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A neurosurgeon is not going to manage anemia, graves disease, and vitamin deficiencies.  You need an internist of family practice doc to manage your care in those areas.  And pain pills are a mistake in most cases of pain when the cause is unknown-- yes, patients like the pain medication initially, but a month later, when the medication is no longer working and you are sick when you miss a dose, you wish that you had never started it.

As for the doc, from your answer it sounds like you have the bases covered;  I don't have any ideas beyond the usual suspects that you have already considered.  I would continue to work on relaxing the muscles though--  heat, stretching (gently), and perhaps a low dose of a benzodiazepine at night to see if it reduces the spasm and pain.  If there is no muscle spasm with the pain I would wonder more about a lumbar disc.
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I have been as well having calf pain, did  a ultra sound and they told me that I have some inflamation but no answers. If you find something please email me. thanks

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Being a doctor I am a bit familiar with the terminologies. I am not sure that USG is the best way to check for inflammation. Further tests like ESR, CRP, CPK-MB, and possibly MRI of the calf muscles planned in your case, and the opinion of a rheumatologist should be taken for muscle inflammation
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I have the same problem but along with ddd and bulging discs and already had bk surgery.  My potassium is very low and was put on prescribed potassium which helped the cramps along with drinking alot of water.  However the pain has started again in bk and calves and went to nuerosurgeon today.  He didnt do anything.  I take somas and he knows pain meds make me sick except for mepergan but wouldnt prescribe it. He said it was too strong. Oh Please, I wish he had the pain I have so he could see what I am dealing with.  He just said surgery was my only option.  I am concerned cause it is most of my muscles and I told him that only to come out of his office after 3 hrs of waiting with no pain meds.  I am so frustrated.......Have they checked all her blood levels?  Cause I was low on everything and put on prenatal vitamins along with potassium.  Well I still hurt so if u find out anything let me know.  It scares me that I might have some sort of muscle problems and he dont care.  I have DDD, spurs, bulging disc, anemic, graves disease and at the point of a blood transfusion.  But he gives no help.  What to do??????????
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Goodness gracious.  Forget the neurosurgeon and go see a pain management specialist. It's truly the only way to go. Good luck to you  :)
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