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Referburating aches and pains

I am a 44 year old female, non smoker, always active and exercise 3-5 days weekly most of my life. Have had periods of peak fitness, running, biking,skiing etc. Episodes of depression since teens, recently(1yr ago) diagnosed bipolar II- treated with prozac and lamictal. 3 years ago I experienced a severe lower back problem. I had this many times since early 20's treated with Chiro and exercise. THis incident was far worse. No signs of disc rupture or nerve damage yet all symptoms of such. After 2 weeks rest& chiro back improved but all over body muscle fatigue and cramping con't. Foot cramping /aching at night especially bad. Low grade fevers, sever fatigue continued for more than 6 months. Saw Family Doc,was referred to neuro & rheumatologist. No RA(maybe fibro), no apparent neuro condition, emg suggested but never did it. I suffered through for nearly 8 months, then had gall bladder surgery. Symptoms all subsided and life went on, I thought that was the cause, until  this last Nov. Same story low back "blowout" , living on the floor for 2 weeks, MRI shows mild degeneratioin ,no nerve involvement. Sent to PT and slowly recovered back. Full body aches and cramps cont and have not stopped. I have had blood work, no significant finding.( Low vitamin D). EMG normal and waiting on appt with another rheumatologist. I wake every day as if I have worked out. Walking down the block is like doing 2 sets of leg presses, not always painful but very uncomfortable, occasional burning sensation. Muscles always tight.  I have "referberating" pains in joints(hips, knees elbows)  muscle, like toothache pain. Normal daily activities exhaust me, some days blowdrying hair is hard, other days energy is moderatly normal and mood good. The only thing that has brought relieve was shot of torodal and 5 day followup dose, but that can not be used continually. I am frustrated and want a pain free day!. Any advice ? My doc is basically at a loss and suggesting "weird viral infection "
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A couple comments-- low vitamin D levels can cause all kinds of strange symptoms, including chronic pain and depression.  I don't think it would explain all of your symptoms, but it should be corrected, and that takes a large series of doses of Vitamin D, often in the form of injections.

It is interesting that you had chronic fevers in the earlier bout with the pain, and the pain when away after your gall bladder was removed-- at least temporarily.  That and your response to Toradol-- which is an NSAID and would correct a fever if present-- makes me wonder if any other NSAIDS would help.  Do you take ibuprofen?  Some people get a number of pains during any rise in body temperature, so I would make sure that your temp is normal, and if it isn't, search for a reason for a 'fever of unknown origin' and in the meantime use medication to keep the fever down.

Otherwise I am at a loss, just like your own doc;  make sure you do the Lyme disease workup, as that can mimic all kinds of other illnesses.
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