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Suboxone-do you have to take to know your allergic to it?

My daughter (33) has been in chronic pain for 7yrs a work related injury caused neuropathy pain in her thoracic vertebrae,chest,ribcage& arms. Tried physical therapy, has had 3 failed neural stimulators surgeries 2 were implanted by laminectomy(failed too much scar tissue) & morph pump infected during implant -went septic & IV antibiotics,bad allergic reactions to pencillin and rochephin,caused her skin to slough off. Pump remove &took a  year to heal & since doc left the partial cath in, 6mos later found it was infected too & the reason why she was losing the use of both legs! Stronger now after removal of infected cath.On Bipapw/oyxgen,her breathing&O2 levels not good since infection & allergic reactions. Doc has tried neurotin, lyrica,hydrocondone,methadone, percocet, dilaudin,fentynal patches,etc.all with serious side effects(While in the hospital dilaudin+ fentynal patches caused a pyschotic episode. Now on MSContin30mg4xdaily&morphine15mgforbreakthroughpain&prozac 40mg for depression,now trying to control her pain without extreme majors, very frighten of trying anything new. Workers comp is demanding she tries Suboxone (Ks WC laws are bad)has taken  away her monetary benefits until she does.She has seen subox doctor once & he has not revewed all of medical records, 165 mi.away. 6hr trips ups her pain from 6-7 to 8-10 for 2-3 days after. RN case man hired by WC insurance co. won't consider the docs only 25 mi away.  Daughter worried she will severe reactions to Sub may be allergic to it & won't have a doc close to help her. Her pain doc says she doesn't need this treatment but they aren't listening to him either! Lawyer says we need a hearing before the WC judge,will take about 6 wks to schedule We know that suboxone is not indicated for pain management, angry the sub docs didn't tell us. If it has helped, okay but I really need the truth. With all this stress my daughter is having nightmares about not being able to walk &being sick again!
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