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What could be causing my pelvic/ovary pain, bowel problems, bleeding?

Hi.I would really appreciate any help,I'm22 years old&since I was 12 I have had hideous period pains, irregular bleeding&a stabbing pain in my ovaries.This has gotten worse over the years& my periods last around two weeks&are so heavy- the blood is dark&clotted&during this time the pain is often so severe that I cannot go out of the house! I also experience terrible pain during sex with bleeding &occaisionally a popping noise and then lots of blood,which is hideous!2 years ago I had a laparoscopy,they said I had polycystic ovaries I was then fitted with a Mirena coil.After this I bled and was in pain every day for about 4 months,I had to go to e.r 3 times it was that painful,I was prescribed cocodomol 30/500.After 6 months I had no more bleeding but the pain was still there &I developed bowel problems.I now get dreadful pain in my lower back&have to dash to the toilet anything from 5 - 15 times a day! About 20minutes after food I have to go to the toilet.6 months ago I had a colonoscopy as they suspected colitis but there was no evidence of this,I also often get bleeding when passing motion.The only way I can control having to urgently go to the toilet is by not eating&this only minimises it,does not stop it completely and obviously is not an answer!!IIf I have an exam at University I tend to not eat at all the day of it or the day before to avoid the problem.Every day I am in pain& I am trying not to take tablets on a daily basis when I get the stabbing pain in my ovaries (about once a week )I feel that bad I cannot move therefore have to take the cocodomol although they do not get rid of the pain entirely.I still get occasional random bleeding even with the coil in and the pain worsens around this time but this only happens around 4 times a year.Is there any advice you can give me? I don't know they’re connected in any way (ovary pain& bowel problems)but I had to take a year off Uni due to them &my attendance this year is suffering.Thank you, Carrie.
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I'm sorry, but this really is out of my knowledge zone.  Your symptoms require the treatment of an OB/GYN, and as Jay mentioned, perhaps an endocrinologist.  I will put out a couple thoughts, but again, I treat chronic pain-- the first thing I do is make sure that the acute causes of symptoms are under proper treatment by an appropriate specialist.

You asked about a connection between GYN symptoms and bowel symptoms-- as Jay mentioned, endometriosis is a common link. If a person has endometriosis on the surface of the colon, bowel movements could be associated with pelvic pain.  Another possible link could be a fistula or abscess, for example from diverticulitis... but that would have been seen during your colonoscopy and other studies.  

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful;  check out the GYN forums, and let us know if you get some answers.
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I am not the doctor, but I have some personal experience with PCOS and other gyn troubles like yours.  Did you have any kind of treatment for the PCOS?  Did your doctor do any detailed testing on your hormone levels?  

If possible, get a copy of the written operative report from your laparoscopy 2 years ago along with any test results.  I have often been surprised at the differences in a written report vs. what the doctor told me at the post-op followup appointment.  If you have any of this detailed info on hand now, post it for Dr. Junig to evaluate.

Endometriosis would be something to look into with the bowel symptoms and painful intercouse you're now experiencing.  Don't look for any answers on that one without another surgery.

You might consider seeing a reproductive endochrinologist to have a thorough look at your hormones.  If at all possible, find a gynecologist who does not also practice the OB side.  These kinds of specialists are scarcer than hen's teeth because catching babies is the bread and butter of the practice, but they are out there.  

I'm certain Dr. Junig will have much more information than I do, but I had to respond because I spent years in the same kind of misery as you experience.  Endometriosis cost me my uterus and more than 2 feet of colon because it went undetected and untreated for so long - not to mention years of popping ovarian cysts.  

You know your body better than anyone else, so it's up to you to be an advocate for yourself with your doctors and not be intimidated.  With my own complicated abdominal and orthopedic issues, I've found it very helpful to maintain my own surgical records over the years and present a list of symptoms and results of tests to any new physician.  Every doctor has appreciated the effort and the visits turned out to be productive for both of us.  Best of luck to you.  :-)
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