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chronic pain?

I am 29. Car accident in 2000.  In 2007 herniated my L5-S1.  I now have severe pain ticking from the waist down.  In the summer 2008 I started feeling like my ankle was coming out of joint (it still does) and I had severe "charlie horses" (i still get these, but both legs, now).  I had a CT scan the verified a mass in my cuboid bone.  In August 2008 I had a 3-phase bone scan that revealed nothing.   My symptoms include: 45 lbs gain, severe heartburn all the time, ticking and muscle jumping quite often, severe headaches that have turned into migraines (photosensitivity, vomiting and the works), muscles in my legs jumping themselves, although the left knee barely has any reaction to testing for reaction, deep bone pain radiating and throbbing (mid calf, arms, other bones, mid chest (superficial), clavicle), stomach pain (pancreas, spleen, intestinal area?)

I have one kidney.   Facial ticking, stuttering, flush red with heat like and elevator. dizzy and tired, hand and feet numbess (feet mostly).

Can this be characteristic of stroke, lupus, MS, cancer?

Any suggestion you can offer will be helpful.  Much more that would not fit.
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Your symptoms are likely coming from a combination of things.  They are not consistent with stroke, nor with any one illness that would explain everything.  You need a good generalist (internal medicine or family practice) who can help you sort through the symptoms and possible causes.

Instead of placing all of the symptoms in a long list, you will do better to focus on the symptoms that bother you the most, and then seek treatment for them.  It sounds as if you could have lumbar disc disease that might be causing the symptoms in your legs;  your weight gain might just be the weight gain that comes with a slower metabolism and inactivity, and the weight gain will often lead to GE reflux and heartburn, which could be causing the 'mid-chest pain'.  The stuttering and facial flushing could be anxiety--- they are at least commonly aggravated by anxiety.  

You get the idea-- probably a number of things that are separate, but related in some ways.  It will take time to sort through things;  hopefully you can find a physician who is willing to take that time.  I don't hear something in your story that sounds like a horrible disease, but there is no way of ruling out anything completely-- not just for you, but for any of us.  

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And i also forgot to add that I do not take pain medication b/c everything revisits me.  

I was sent for pain management but refused pills.  I am seeing my pcp on Tuesday, my orthopaedist on wednesday, where I will be reevaluated.  I saw my pain mgt doc in December was supposed to have lumbar injections, but chickened out in early january.

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