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lexapro for anxiety

im been on lexapro 4 weeks now. it has helped a lot sleeping better . still have some anxiety but it is better. my question. is the seratonin level continue to increase in your system as more time goes by thereby helping more with the anxiety or does this medicine level out at a point. .. can i expect more improvement as the weeks go by. ?
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Great-- I can put in a plug for my OTHER blog!  Just kidding-- sort of-- if you go to my blog at http://fdlpsychiatry.com/blog , you will find a post from awhile back entitled 'how anti-depressants work' or something along that line.  They have their effects on mood and anxiety from similar actions in the brain;  the positive effects are not thought to be from the serotonin itself, but from brain changes that occur as a result of the increased serotonin.  The increased serotonin leads to increased 'plasticity', the term for new growth and connections between neurons.  It is the new connections, and sprouting of new dendrites particularly in the hippocampus, that are thought to be largely behind the changes in mood and anxiety.  I go into a bit more detail in the blog.

Yes, I would expect those related symptoms to go away;  if not, talk to your doc about trying a 'beta blocker', which is a non-addictive class of medications that are used to prevent headaches and treat blood pressure, and which can reduce anxiety by blocking the secondary effects of anxiety-- the fast heart rate, tremor, sweating...  politicians and musicians use them all the time.

My blog-- 'patient times'. at http://fdlpsychiatry.com/blog.
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also as anxiety is reduced do you think symtoms such as headache , internal shaking in chest will go away,
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