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I am a 23yr old female. I have had persistent chest pain for the past few months and recently went to see a pain specialist as it has been getting worse. In the past few years I have had numerous/a few ablation procedures. The doctor I saw was assured by my cardiologist that the pain I am having is not 'heart related' as I have had a full cardiac check up recently.
The first time I saw him, he checked my pulse, felt my chest and started me on 50mg of lyrica. The secound time I saw him (6 weeks later) I told him the medication was not working very well and that I was still getting pain.He has not really been able to give me any reason for the pain yet but said it might be trapped nerves.I am now on a higher dose of lyrica.
My question is does this sound like trapped nerves? Is pain medication my only option?
Thank you very much for your time
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Without knowing anything more than your age, I would agree with the idea that the pain and your fast heartbeat are unrelated-- at least not related in a direct sense.  It sounds as if you have either 'WPW' (a 're-entrant arrhythmia' where the electrical activity of the heart travels down into the ventricle and then up an abnormal path to the atria, causing a loop that makes the heart beat fast) or perhaps an excitable area of your heart that is sending out faster beats than you should have.  It would be very unusual for someone your age to have pain from the fast heartbeat-- i.e. from the heart requiring more oxygen than the coronaries can provide, resulting in angina or a heart attack.  That doesn't happen at age 23, or even at age 33.  I am a psychiatrist, so I have to say this....  it IS possible that the fear of a heart attack-- a natural fear when your heart is prone to suddenly beating at 150 times per minute-- is causing pain that is 'psychosomatic'.  Please don't throw something at me when I say that!

There are many posts about 'costochondritis', a not-uncommon condition that causes pain and inflammation at the junction of the ribs and sternum, particularly in women.

I'm not sure if Lyrica would be my first choice.  You are a bit young for 'neuropathy', and unless there is some known reason for pinched nerves, why would you have pinched nerves?  I would rather lean toward a 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, or 'NSAID', like aleve or ibuprofen.  Providing your stomach tolerates it, of course, which is no sure thing.
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