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Is there anyone else out there with neuropathy pain that would like to chat?
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Thanks for respinding with sincere effors. I do have problem of tightness of feet and mild swelling and also mild numbness of legs. there is no peoblem while walking.
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hi again and welcome to this group, I hope we can get more members and alot more input!!!
have you seen a doctor with this problem yet?
with the swelling also I would be concerned and get that checked out more.
I have no swelling, just the numbness and pain....and no problem usually with walking either.
I'm glad to hear you have tried all the homeopathic remedies and I'm sorry none have worked.
I have tried yoga and acupunture(for 2 years)..this didn't help either.
doctors say that neuropathic pain is very hard to treat.
see a doctor ok..
all the best to you
I am taking gabapentine, a drug which is used for epilepsy. this is the off-label use of gaba. It does help to some extent.However, it seems that one has to take it for the whole life time. I am 87 and I am taking GABA pentine since one year.
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I just found this place. I have severe peripheral neuopathy

It seems that there are no new posts anywhere for the past 3 or 4 years.

Is anyone still out there?
I have posted after quite some time. i will be visiting again if there are further messages.
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I am a neuropathy patient , it's been 9 years now. I have severe damage to my groin nerves, from a hernia repair.  I have tried every doctor and treatment that would not make the situation any worse. I was hoping that this group would be a good group to talk to about other things I might have missed, but it seems closed now. Sorry to see this.  
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I visit this site again and will give all details. Para gabalin has worked very well. I will give all details. please visit this forum and give your opinion. we will try to put more life in this forum.
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Sorry I could not visit this page since long and neither any one else has come. So we are at stand still.I hope people come and share woes with members.It will restore some sanity to us.
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