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Is this community suffering? No posts since 2012??

I suffer from idiopathic neuropathy.  It's really a shame that this community is not flourishing.  Are people still out there following this group?
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Our group is small one. We are 10 members only.All are well-read and took keen interest in posting their observation.currently we 5 members are active.On home is particularly very enthusiastic to start an online Ashram.We would like all members to participate at a specific time and discuss or even practice yoga. However it appears that we are not able to find appropriate time to get to-getter
we do need more members to activate our group. Your participation will be welcome.
Incidentally, I am suffering from Parasthesia- feeling of tightness in feet since last 7 years. I did try yoga(still practicin) acupressure, shiatsu, Reiki and some of the holistic treatment.I also do meditation trying different methods. Some doctor label as parasthesia, pathology of which is not known. some one says it idiopathy neuropathy.. Some one prescribe massage and someone proscribe it.Just recently heard about  neurodynamic therapy and applied kinesioloy. I am to google these words .If I find some encouraging therapy, i will follow it and put it into this page.
Thank you very much for visiting our group and hope that you will be an active member of this group.Few of us regularly visit this site.Namaste.
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Please go to the back pages to see what type of malformation is available.I am from India. So my postings are earlier than those of others.
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Read malformation as information. I have unlimited capacity to make spelling mistakes. I usually attrivute this to my AMD (Age-related macular deterioration and the privilage of being grand senior citizen (I am 82)-an octogenarian.I am sure you will get the message in spite of my typos.
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I thought I am posting in chronic pain couch group.kindly visit Chronic pain coach group and re post your post. sorry for an error. However, I hope some body from this group will answer to your post.I am a member of this group also. Hence my post was accepted.
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