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Ammonia Level

I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis a little over two years ago. Since then I had my first experience with a high ammonia level of 98 in 2014 which put me in the hospital, almost in a coma state, for 5 days.  Lactulose, Lasix & Spirolactone were given.  After being released, it took a week when I returned to the hospital, now I was put on Xifaxan along with the other three meds. All has been well until Feb. 14, 2016 when it hit me again, ammonia level of 250, survived.  5 days in the hospital with a sodium IV 24/7, plus my regular meds, 2 paracentisis total of 9 liters of fluid removed,  3 days of no nutritional food, released at the reluctance of my wife, she told the Doctors, he will be back.  2 1/2 days I had to go back, at my wifes constant battle with the Doctors that I was being dehydrated the new Doctor on the case was appalled that I had been on the IV, a constant drip of SODIUM, took me off the IV and the Lasix. Dehydration causes ammonia levels to rise. Now I take 3/30ml Lactulose a day, 2 Xifaxan daily and 1 Spirolactone Tab to keep potassium in check. Ammonia level down to 83 on my release.  All blood levels are good, Liver hasn't gotten any worse in two yrs., but they seem to think that I might not live to the end of this year.  Ready to prove them wrong. Energy level low, appetite not so good, working on that.        
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I am sorry to hear about your advanced decompensated cirrhosis and the symptoms and complications you have been experiencing.

Are you under the care of a hepatologist at a liver transplant center. Are you on a waiting list for a liver transplant. They are the only ones who can care for someone with your advanced cirrhosis.

Myself and many of my friend suffered with the same symptoms and complications you are experiencing for many years until we received our transplants. I waited 4 years until I got my transplant. So I am aware of what you are going through. All the meds, the hospitalizations and all of the suffering someone whose liver is failing goes through. It is tough. There is no way around that. All you can do is to work with your doctors to try to manage your symptoms and complications as best you can until you are able to get a new liver. Once you get a new healthy liver all of what you are experiencing will be in the past and you can begin you journey back to health again.

It is not easy but well worth getting a second chance at life.

Hang in there.
Hope you get a new liver soon.
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