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Brother awaiting interview for liver transplant - questions

My 65 year old brother currently has ascites and is getting drained about every 2.5 weeks, sometimes up to 21 liters.  He is awaiting an appointment with liver transplant doctor.  His stats:
-Considerably overweight although he loses about 47 pounds when he's drained. He's 6'4".
-Drank too much for years - stopped totally 6 months ago (did not go to AA meetings though so not sure how he will need to prove that.
-Healthy heart
-No diabetes
Considering the above, I'm wondering if they will put him on the transplant list.  Considering his frequent need for draining due to huge swelling and related shortness of breath, I'm hoping that he lives long enough to get a new liver.  

Input appreciated.  I'm worried sick about him.
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Do you know his MELD score? MELD stands for Model For End-Stage Liver Disease it is how patients are ranked for liver transplant priority. A patient needs a score above 15 to be in the list with most patients receiving a transplant with a score about 30 depending on how many are on the list in his region. The MELD score range is from 6 to 40.

The MELD score is calculated from several test results. The lab results used are Creatinine, Bilirubin, INR, and sodium.

You can google MELD calculator if you know his test results and calculate for yourself.

Another important factor is will he have at home support after his transplant. If there is no one to help him he could be denied a transplant.

The need to have his ascities drained is not considered in his eligibility.

One suggestion is for him to try as he is able andwith his doctors consent to get some kind of exercise. The better his health the greater his odds of surviving the procedure.

Will you be going to his evaluation meeting?

Let me know if you have any more questions I will try my best to answer.

My best to you both.
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