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Can anyone offer some advice please?

Hi there,

I was hoping someone could give some advice on what my issue may be. I have been going through the worst period of my life over the past 6 months. I'm trying to get out of my business and due over £70k but the other directors are not playing and it's all went legal. To cut a long story short its affected my mental health quite badly to the point I took a massive intentional overdose of over 130 pills and died but came back and survived. Not something I'm proud of and quite embarrassed about it. I'm on diazepam, propranolol and am on mirtazapine. My shrink last week put me on venlafaxine too which is apparently called a California Rocket Fuel, yes I did a double take too but it's real and it seems to have elevated my mood somewhat even though my life is falling apart before my eyes due to the evil actions of the other directors.

Sorry to go on a tangent there, my GP did some routine blood tests and 2 out of the 3 results were sky high for my liver, so she repeated them, then repeated them again. Then she said I needed an ultrasound. I had the ultrasound of my abdomen and they found a birth,ark and 2 tumours and referred me for a CT scan. A week later I had a letter through saying I had to go in for an MRI! I had the MRI and I knew from the radiographers face they saw something but they said they couldn't tell me anything. I then had a letter asking me to come into hospital on September 11th to see some liver surgeon specialist! My GP had no information last week and I'm really freaking out.

All I can see online is its either a resection, transplant or cancer. I feel fat but I hardly eat and know something is up. Has anyone else experienced this?

I did have a bit of a Jim Morrison, Shaun Ryder type pill habit for a number of years but now clean. I'm not really worried about me and just care about my partner who is so special. I really need to know what it is and this waiting is torture!

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Sorry to read of your problems. Really it takes a long time to cause liver damage from various types of abuse the liver is resilient that way.

But what is going on really there is no way to begin to guess without more information. I’m hoping you may have gotten more information by now about what is going on.

Wishing you the best
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