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Can life normally with cirhosis

Hello, I have cirrhosis of the liver, all tests are normal except for a lack of platelets (65) and I have esophageal varices of 1.5 degrees. I stick to healthy food without salt, sugars and fats. My activity is good and I do not suffer from anything. My question is can I live at this level for a while?  20 years, for example, and I do not need a liver transplant, thank you.
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Really there is no way to know what your future holds. If you can do something about the cause of your cirrhosis is the single best way to ensure you live a longer life.

In my case I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in January 2008. My cirrhosis was caused by having hepatitis c for probably about 30 years at that point. I was able to finally successfully treat and cure my hep c in 2015 but the damage was done at that point.

My platelets at that time were about 85, but since I was cured they are now mostly around 110 still a little low but improved.

So my best advice would be to work with your doctor preferable a hepatologist associated with a liver transplant center as they are best able to give you good advice and monitor your case. Follow your doctors recommendations. Don't take any new medications without your doctors approval, and if possible do what you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Best of luck to you :-)
Thank you for your wonderful answer. The cause of cirrhosis is alcohol and I completely stopped it. My question is whether everyone with cirrhosis will need a transplant at some point or not at all. Likewise, will every patient with cirrhosis develop ascites? Please answer my question, thank you.
I answered your private message
I tired you with my questions, but since you have excellent experience and information, and you removed a lot of anxiety from my thinking and gratitude to you, my other question to you is that every six months I do blood tests and sonar, and every year I perform an endoscopy to check for esophageal varices, as its degree is 1.5 in 2021 and currently it remains the same.  Degree. My question is every time I see a decrease in the number of platelets, as it was in 2021 (84) out of a thousand. After six months, it went down to 70, then 74, and the last time a month ago, it reached 65, knowing that all other tests are good, stable, and stable until I see that it is improving. Is it possible  That platelet increase thank you.
That was also my monitoring plan blood testing and abdominal ultrasound every six months.

I had an initial upper endoscopy and my varicies we’re at level 1 so we did not repeat for 3 years and they were then at level 3 so my doctor hade me undergo multiple upper endoscopies over the next several months to have banding procedures to eliminate the varicies. I did 4 upper endoscopies over four months to band all the varicies. For the next several years I was having upper endoscopies every year but since I haven’t had any varicies come back my doctor now has me on a two year cycle between exams.

If you cannot stop the cause of your cirrhosis your platelet count will likely continue to worsen. Low platelets are often the first indication of liver cirrhosis. Those are relatively small changes to likely not significant.

What is the cause of your cirrhosis?
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I had Chirrosis and had to have a liver transplant in 2013. I'm doing great. I contracted Hep C through a blood transfusion in the early 80s when they did not have proper tests for Hep C when giving blood. That means the person who gave the blood I eventually got, had Hep C.  If only the pill I took for months that got rid of the Hep C would have come out before my Hep C turned into Cirrhosis, I would not have had to have a liver transplant. Have you talked to your doctor about taking the Harvoni? That may clear up the Chirrosis. Keep in mind, this is just a thought. Your doctor should be able to answer. Best of luck...
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Hi Magnum nice to hear from you :-)
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