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Cannabis effect on liver cirrhosis

Hi Guys,
My father went a surgery 4 days back (Radio Frequency ablation) of 3 tumours in his liver. The doctors said 2 things - It is not completely burnt mostly and it might come back. Secondly, his liver anyhow is getting damaged slowly because it is becoming cirrhotic.

I am thinking of giving him cannabi oil as I have heard a lot of testimonies of it curing or controlling cancer.

But I have another concern now. His liver which is becoming cirrhotic and perhaps the reason of bringing cancer back too.
Will this oil work against Cirrhosis too? or Will it be bad for cirrhosis?
Is anyone else aware of some other supplements I should be giving him?
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So sorry about your Dad, but the good news is he's getting treatment.
Cannibus Oil does NOT cure any types of cancer.  There are alot of Rick Simpson followers whom are claiming that the Oil can eliminate cancer but the research shows otherwise.  In Petri dishes when cancer is combined with Cannibus Oil, it does kill the cancer cells but with clinical trials with animals the theory fell flat.

On the other hand it is often prescribed for cancer patients for their health benefits regarding side effects of chemotherapy.  It's often used to promote weight gain, lesson pain, diminish anxiety just to name a few.  In fact they are now using it in Europe in Assisted Living Facilities to help the aged with debilitating diseases.  With the oil they place it under their tongues and many lung cancer patients also partake without having to smoke.  It also helps the elderly with depression.

Is your Dad cirrhotic or becoming cirrhotic?  Your question is should your Dad use this oil.  As Lynn stated, if he's on a Transplant List, no way.  He will become excluded from receiving a liver if he tests positive.  Would think that with liver cancer a new liver would give him the best hope.  Cancer always comes back but many times we die of something unrelated as it can take 50 years or more to resurface.  Each individual cancer has its own set of unique circumstances.

If your Dad is going for Pallative Care, then why not use it if it is legal in his state.  It can't harm him and may help with symptoms of the Radiation in which he received.  There are so many variables and way to many to address on an online support group.  Would advise you to make sure that you have total trust and faith in your Dr, and ask him these questions.  He could give you a more thorough answer without speculation.

Hope your Dad feel better soon.
Take Care
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Interesting question. When I had Cirrhosis before my transplant, the doctor ordered a Medical Marijuana card, which I renewed for three years. The only caution he gave me was that as I was getting closer to transplant, to stop using it because they will not give me the transplant if they saw cannabis in my system. I took his advice and stopped almost a year before transplant. That was the only time he cautioned me. Otherwise, I was using it nightly to sleep. There has never been a documented case of lung cancer due to smoking marijuana in a pipe. It's the paper one has to beware of.

10 months have passed since my liver transplant. The transplant doctor's nurse strongly advised to not smoke it now because my immune system is purposely lowered with Prograf, and I could be a victim of a fungal infection of the lungs. I don't miss it. I hope all goes well...

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Is that approved by his doctor? I doubt it. Also he could be refused a transplant due to being positive for an illegal drug. It happens a few years back here in Seattle to a med marijuana  patient.

His medical condition is very serious and the liver is the bodies filter. It would be having to filter an additional chemical in it's already weakened condition. All in all I would strongly advise against anything outside his doctors approved protocol

Good luck to you both
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