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Hi I was cured of HCV with Harvoni around 3 years ago , before treatment I was diagnosed with cirrhosis , alts around 180 , platelets around 67 000 and fibroscan score 22.1 . Last year after a routine ultrasound a 5mm lesion was noticed in liver area . I then had ct scan which found it was likely a hemangioma . Recently I had a ultrasound and MRI and now 3 lesions were located in liver area , two of them about 5mm and one of them is 8mm . I was told they are likely hemangiomas . I will follow up in 3 months . I am concerned than there are now 3 and one of them is now 8mm so almost a centimeter . The good news is that my platelets are now 126 000 and my latest fibroscan came back with a score of 8.1 , alts still a little high at 54 not sure why as I am careful with what with my diet . Has anyone experienced that ? I must say I do worry about liver cancer . I will have further test in 3 months .
Any opinions about this  would be great . Thank you .
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