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Hepatic Steatosis?

Went to ER back in January for severe abdominal
Pain-  Vomiting -it was determined I severe gastroenteritis-after blood work, Ultrasound and CT Scan  however here are my results- I’m concerned
WBC-8.0 / RNC 4.6 / HGB 13.4 / HCT 40.4 / MCV 87.8 / MCH 29.1/ platelets 201/ Lactate 0.8/ lipase 58/troponin less than 0.020
Chem panel-sodium 137, potassium 4.2, chloride 103,glucose 82, BUN 9, creatinine 0.51,-lbumin 3.5, T Bil-0.8 ast 48 alt 17, GFR greater than 60
CT Scan- small amount of upper abdominal ascites, small to moderate amount of pelvic ascites (note I had my period at the time) US-small amount of free fluid in right upper quadrant, echogenic liver which may reflect either fatty liver or hepatic parenchymal disease-Hepatitis ruled out -Could this be worse than Fatty Liver disease?
Thanks for any input-I am new here-hope I did this right
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Ok so I didn’t check all your tests but the first few are all in normal range. Do you have any that are not in normal range? Some of your tests I am not familiar with as a person with liver cirrhosis. I have never been tested for lipase or lactate for example do I’m going to assume they are unrelated to liver disease. I tried to google a RNC test but didn’t find anything.

Your WBC is normal, HGB is normal, HCT is normal, MCV and MCH are both normal. Your platelet count is normal. Your creatinine is normal. You want your GFR to be high low number indicate kidney disease. Your glucose is normal if this was a fasted blood test.

Hepatitis literally means liver inflammation. There are a number of viruses that can cause liver inflammation and eventually liver damage. The ones you hear about most often are Hepatitis A which is food borne often caused by poor hygiene practices.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are both blood borne meaning hepatitis B or C infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person. They’re are several other less often hear of forms of hepatitis virus hep D, hep E, hep G I think is all of them but anyway from what you wrote you are not infected with any form of the hepatitis virus.

Wasn’t familiar with the term hepatic parenchymal disease so I googled it and found this below I think it is more of a description on a condition caused by something. You asked “ Could this be worse than Fatty Liver disease? ” I’m not quite tracking your question is what worse than dally liver disease? If your asking about is hepatic parenchymal disease worse than fatty liver disease my assumption is fatty liver is the cause and the possible outcome of having fatty liver is hepatic parenchymal disease. But in any event any form of liver disease is not a good thing.

Parenchymal Liver Disease
Metabolic and Genetic Disorders. • Obesity. • Extreme malnutrition. • Total parenteral nutrition. • Cystic fibrosis.
Steroids (Exogenous and Endogenous; e.g., Cushing Syndrome) • Familial hyperlipoproteinemia. • Glycogen storage disease. • Wilson disease. ...
Hepatotoxins (Mostly Adults) • Alcohol. • Chemotherapy. • Carbon toxins.

I’m going to hazard a guess that you are possibly overweight having a BMI more than 30. If that is the case for the health of your liver you should try to get to a normal BMI. Fatty liver disease is one of the fastest rising liver problems in the US. If not addressed fatty liver disease could eventually result in liver cirrhosis, liver failure  and the need for a liver transplant to maintain life.

But most importantly what has your doctor advised? I would go with what they recommend.
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I am going for a fibroscan this coming Thursday, as well as blood work to rule out other Issues, what scares me the most is the word “ascites” even though it’s “mild” I don’t like that -What about my Ast at 48 and the uktrasound said “echogenic. Liver? What does that mean?-These tests were done in January and now it’s nearly June- I have since lost 20 pounds, due to diet and exercise -Thank you for your input-I appreciate all the advice -what  is GFR?
AST or aspartate aminotransferase is an enzyme produced by the liver if it has experienced injury. The enzyme is released by the process of the liver repairing itself. Your AST is only very minimally elevated and would indicate that the fatty depósitos on your liver are irritating your liver and causing injury so the liver is in a constant state of repair. Over time this constant insult to your liver can result in increasing amounts of scar tissue to form which over many years could lead to serious liver disease and posible cirrhosis. So best to stop it sooner than later if you can. Fibrosis is the medical term for scar tissue.

Echogenic on an ultrasound means areas on the liver are more dense which could be a sign of some scar tissue has developed. My ultrasound says  echogenic  along with coarsened surface texture consistent with diagnosis of cirrhosis. I have an ultrasound and blood work every six months. I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis back in January 2008 caused by hepatitis c infection which I probably had for 37 years when I was finally able to cure my hep c.

From google:

“ What does echogenic mean on an ultrasound?
Ultrasound of the abdomen usually shows the liver is “echogenic,” that is more dense than usual toward sound waves. The liver can also be enlarged due to fat. Ultrasound does not really measure fat, but the great majority of the time an echogenic liver is found, this is related to excess fat.”

GFR is glomerular filtration rate it is related to kidney function.

“ Kidney function is an indication of the kidney's condition and its role in renal physiology. Glomerular filtration rate is a measure of kidney function. Glomerular filtration rate describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney.”

“ In adults, the normal GFR number is 90 or higher. Having a GFR between 60 and 89 may be normal for some people, including those over age 60. GFR tends to decline as we age even in people without kidney disease. These people may need to have GFR checked more often in the future.”

“ It is possible to slow the progression of kidney disease by taking good care of yourself by following a healthy diet and exercising. ... If you eat well and exercise but do not keep a healthy blood sugar or blood pressure then your GFR may continue to decline.”

Some info from various sites hope it helps
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