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High blood test

Been sick going in 2 years have had all types of text Last week went to have blood drawn Some numbers where high SMA 1.320 IGG 3114 Creatinine with GFR 1.29 AST 87 Alkaline 540 Alanine aLT 85 Can some tell me what the high numbers mean
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The blood tests you have posted give an incomplete picture of anything related to cirrhosis of the liver or liver disease. More health background information (symptoms, medical history etc.) and test results would be needed. These are not the blood test used for assessing cirrhosis so there is little comment we can make.

Your AST, ALT, ALP liver enzymes are all high and may indicate something is currently injuring your liver. It will require further testing to determine what may be causing these levels to be elevated. The SMA  smooth muscle antibody test is done to diagnose autoimmune hepatitis.

I would suggest following up with your doctor so you can get to the bottom of what is causing these blood level abnormalities.

If you are found to have cirrhosis we can help you with any questions about it. Keep in mind that it is rare for someone to have cirrhosis by the age of 40.
Good luck to you.
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