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How was Hector' memorial?

I have followed Hector for a long time on here mostly lurking. He was an amazing, giving, selfless person and I didn't  even know him! but found many answers through his postings.I thought of him and famy all day yesterday. I pray he was greatly honored.
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I am sure that there was lots of love for Hector there.  I also was thinking of him and his family,.  He was such a wonderful friend to all of us.  He'll be missed so much.  
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The memorial for Howie was held yesterday at Fort Mason in San Francisco and his ashes were scattered in the Bay with a regatta of sailboats racing offshore - just as Howie planned. The memorial was sad but also had some funny moments and the love in that room was palpable. I knew Howie through my illness but there were other people who knew him long before he ever became ill with Hep C - people who lived through all his triumphs and travails in a way that we never were - including his lovely sister, Donna and her husband, Frank. Howie was such an interesting man - a hippie bass player who snuck out to Woodstock, a conscientious objector to the Viet Nam War, a funny, intelligent and always giving person, an attribute that served his friends here and anyone who he touched on his own long struggle to beat the disease, cancer and transplant. I have taken some photos that I will post on my page. To read Howie's obituary, go to the San Francisco Chronicle and look up Howard (Howie) Crawford. Thank you to everyone who sent cards for the family. Donna was just overcome with emotion when I handed her the big stack of cards and she thanked me again and again for bringing them to the memorial You can see pics by looking at my profile page
Thank you so much for the info. He will be missed by so many !  I will read SF Chronicle and your page
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