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I do not know what to do...

I am almost  everyday sick. Though my recent ultrasound, ultrasound with doppler and blood work over last 6 months  are totally normal, I do not feel well and I always associate these health problems with advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis.
For example, these  are my recent symptoms:

1- pressure in ears and ringing ears
2-pain in face muscles and sometimes  in the regions of  face close to neck
3-irritated/sore  eyes
5-low grade fever
7-feeling as if i have flu
9-gas and bloating

I do not know what to do...
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As you have been answered several times before what you describe are not symptoms of cirrhosis.

You said " I always associate these health problems with advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis."

Why do you believe you have fibrosis or cirrhosis? Has your doctor had you either have a liver biopsy or a fibroscan that showed cirrhosis?

Are you currently or have you been a chronic heavy user of alcohol? Do you have hepatitis?

Early cirrhosis essentially has no symptoms you would notice but advanced cirrhosis has symptoms of pitting edema in the lower extremities and swelling in the abdomen due to fluid retention that can resemble being pregnancy. The treatment is either diuretics or having  Paracentesis performed. If diuretics fail paracentesis may be the next step in the treatment offered. Under sterile conditions, a needle is placed into the peritoneal space and fluid is withdrawn. Paracentesis may be considered as a first step if the ascites fluid accumulates quickly and the abdominal distension causes pain or shortness of breath.

Another symptom that would not be noticed by the patient would be esophageal varicies observed on upper endoscopy. Esobpageal varicies are enlarged blood vessels in the esophagus that can enlarge to the point they can burst and the patient can bleed to death without emergency treatments.  

Cirrhosis can also cause hepatic encephalopathy as the damaged liver cannot process waste in the blood resulting in high blood ammonia levels which results in symptoms of disorientation, memory loss, confusion, coma and death. Again HE is a medical emergency.

If you notice none of the symptoms you list that you say make you think you have cirrhosis are not on this list.

Cirrhosis is a serious life threatening condition also called ESLD (end stage liver disease) and has nothing to do with the symptoms you describe.

See your health care professional to find out what is causing your symptoms but from what you have described you neither exhibit symptoms of cirrhosis or seem to have any possible rational reason to believe you are suffering from advanced liver disease.
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I would say quite a few of those could be related to Liver stress, it doesnt mean it is as far as cirrhosis, i had most of them recently after a heavy fews days of beer, lasted for 5months.  I went to the doctors and had bloods and ultrasound, all ok, but still I think I stressed my liver, had bad gastritis too, so some might bowel related for all I know.  People with cirrhosis on a previous pole did state fatigue as being what they think was their first warning years before they were diagnosed.
I got the red eye thing too, when I get out of bed in the morning when I stand up it goes. also my bowels are gassy, again im not sure how much I can say is stress/depression, gastritis or my liver. Im  hoping it just stress or gastritis related, im never drinking again thats for sure!
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Hi just me,

Been a while, but it seems you have the same symptoms as before; Cranial discomfort and GI issues. If your liver had progresses to end stage (cirrhotic) you would likely have a slew of other symptoms. Secondly, if you had cirrhosis you would have raised Bilirubin, Creatinine, and increased Prothrombin Time associated with low Platelet Count. These are the three factors for calculating MELD score. These factors would show on you labs in various levels, on every draw.

Here's what I'm thinking;
Have you considered seeing a Doctor who is an Infectious Disease Specialist. Many Bacterial and Parasitic conditions present with your symptomology, and many can "fool" standard CBC and CMP blood lab results. This is just a guess, as I am surely not a doctor. But I would check it out - if for no other reason than to rule it out.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

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early cirrhosis isnt so easy to detect?
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Hi I know you have not been feeling well for quite a while; I am sorry.
Have you thought about going in for a physical and telling your GP all of your symptoms and letting him check it out?
I know that you think it is your liver but it could be many other things.
I had a friend who was very sick, she went to doctor after doctor, finally went to a GI and he diagnosed her with celiac disease.  I am just giving you an example.
I have heard of people being sick, not knowing what it is, they were finally dx with lyme disease.
If I were you I would find a brand new GP and start from scratch.
I hope you can find out what is wrong
Take Care
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Hi Ralph

I had no idea I had cirrhosis until my liver biopsy that said I had early cirrhosis. Had my first symptom a year later had my gall bladder out which may or may not have been my liver probably was but not the only reason one develops gall bladder problems.

So 2 years later after I was diagnosed with cirrhosis I had my first sympton swelling of lower legs and feet pitting edema. but up until then I had not liver related symptoms.

Happy Holidays
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