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My husband was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis about 2 years ago. He stopped drinking but then went back and drank for about a year. He noticed blood in his stool so he went to the hospital. They admitted him for tests. He was there 2 nights. On the 2nd night he apparently went nuts and they had to sedate him. That was Thursday (it's now Tuesday). All they said the whole time he was in the hospital that he was going through withdrawals and that was it, no other information. He kept trying to get out of bed. All they said was that he had to pee and fell and when they tried to help he got combative so they sedated him again. I figured we'd be in the hospital for another day or two but then the doctor came in and said he was being released. He said once he gets home he should be better with the hallucinations. We've3 been home for a couple hours. This whole time he's been agitated and seeing dogs, ants, lions, old ladies, hoodlums and a march down our street. How did he turn crazy over night and what can I do to help. They didn't even mention anything about HE........... He keeps getting mad at me when I say there is nothing there, no other dogs, old ladies etc. How do I handle this? I'm a little afraid he's going to hurt me or one of the pets. Which is crazy because he's never been harmful. We're supposed to see the liver specialist. God I'm scared.
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Call the doctor who released him
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