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Liver Disease in various forms

I am new to this group and have noted several questions seeking help for treatment of their specific issues.  Whether or not your disease is caused by substance abuse or is something hereditary such as NASH, I strongly recommend the following:

1. Get multiple opinions if your original treatment isn't working or you feel you aren't getting the answers you need.  Make sure to find a specialist in Liver Disease.  I use a Gastroenterologist.
2.  NEVER take any of the marketed solutions to liver issues unless your physician can say that what they contain, whether or not it is herbal, is safe for you.  I was a vegetarian and also into alternative medicine and it took years to find what was safe to keep in my diet.

REMEMBER....the Liver is essential to life, just like the heart.  It acts like a big filter for EVERYTHING we put into our bodies.  This is not to be taken lightly.  

I am an alcoholic in recovery as well as a child of the 70's who used substances for personal issues.  There are many hereditary links out there such as NASH so if you weren't a "user and abuser" it still works out the same.  Diet is critical but everything you think is safe may not be so.  I have been told that I had 6-10 years to live and pass my benchmark of 6 years on September 17 of 2023.  I have taken this very seriously and just got results from my latest bi-yearly tests.  I NEVER fail to meet my medical follow-ups and have learned a great deal about diet.  I have looked into transplant even at Mayo Clinic.  As of today, I can greatfully say that the hard work has paid off!  I have prayed for death many times because this is such a painful and all-consuming disease, but I have faith in GOD, as I personally choose to believe, and I just do what I'm supposed to these days!  I've avoided COVID, come out of adult diapers, off of walkers and canes, simply because I'm just plain ornry!  LOL!  I offer my personal story to any in hopes it will help them find answers from their caregivers.
Bottom  line is, however, Liver Disease is simply awful and some of the package of ailments that come with it are just going to be there.....like osteoarthritis......they just are a part of the issue of growing older and, in our cases, part of our diseases.  I choose not to lay around and moan to often and get exercise and eat well and share my story.  I drank up to a half-gallon of Vodka everyday for years!  If I can get through this, it is possible for any to make changes.  I don't expect to live forever, but I do expect to help myself be the best I can be while I'm here.  THERE IS HOPE AND SHARING OUR STORIES IS CRITICAL!  Plus I have to have a sense of humor about it all or I would die from just laying there being miserable.  Looking forward to reading and learning from each of you and thanks for this page!!!!
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Regarding your recommendation #1.  I dumped the GI doctor I initially seen due to lack of response and information.  I am in a much better place now and without having scoured the internet and forums for info on liver disease you would not know if your doc is doing the right thing.  So I think its important to read, read, read from reputable websites as well as watch yt videos by experts in liver disease.  I find out more everyday.

Good luck.........
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I am new to this whole liver disease diagnosis. I am also in recovery and just found out I have a problem. I have arthritis in my hip and knees and my feet are killing me at night. I don't sleep more then a hour at a time. The pain wakes me up. Any wisdom on how to deal with this?
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