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Looking for answers sorry for mispelling

What is the difference between hepataligist and hematoligist? and does anyone know of a hepatologist that accepts blue cross anthem medi-cal managed care in the SF bay area?  thank you so much!
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Hepatologist "A specialist in diagnosing and treating liver disease. Usually this person is a board certified gastroenterologist with a clinical and research focus in liver disease."

(see: http://hepatitis.about.com/od/ghi/g/hepatologist.htm)

Hematologist "is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and/or investigation of disorders of the hematopoietic, hemostatic, and lymphatic systems, and disorders of the interaction between blood and blood vessel wall."


Basically a hepatologist is a liver specialist and a hematologist specializes in blood disorders.
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thanks so much for getting to me on this.  I am begining to get frustrated.  My new primary Dr. suggested I see a Hepatolgist before referral to UCSF trans eval.  Primary said I don't know how you are going to find a Hepatolgist that accepts blue cross anthem.  Like it's not my job to find one.  It's his job to find and refer.  I wish I wasn't so loopy.  I always ketch whats happened after the fact.  Mean while I sit here with AFP level at  195 and no MRI scheduled of my abdoman, waiting for a call back from this new dr.  It wouldn't be apropriate to call him a quack.  I know he has the best of intentions and again I don't really feel cared for by him
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Call the local hospitals and see if they can give you names of hepatologists in that area.  ...call the hospital that performs liver transplants.  

You could do a computer search for heps and many of the sites state what insurance they accept.  I'm sure you can find many.  I'm on ssi and all the heps at Cleveland Clinic take medicaid insurance.  

Jot down names and call.  I do alot of this myself..just to get it done and not be waiting around to hear from the drs offices.  If you want something done right and quickly, its best to do the searching yourself.  Sometimes it feels difficult but the more you do this, the more you get used to it.  We're stronger than we realize.

Good luck..call the transplant center...they can help you.  

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Sutter Pacific takes Blue Cross. My Hepatologist, Dr. Fredericks is still taking new patients.
UCSF takes Blue Cross too.

I think if you are getting disability and (you are disabled, you should be getting it) you should qualify for MediCal which I think is a better way to go.

Hopefully Hector will be around and he can advise you about UCSF.

Good luck :)
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Hector is a great help and I already reached out thanks pumpkin
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thanks i almost had him refer me UCSF tra eval and he would have, then he suggested hepatology and i said ok.  i am exhausted for now but yes i am going to find one that accepts Anthem blue cross medi-cal managed care.  to top it off after talking to my ABC case manager.  She said that my last referal for MRI from previous dr. would not be honored by ABC.  Then i get a call from imaging saying that Anthem Blue Cross has and will pay for it.  this is a merry go round but i'm up for the challenge.
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Hi, yes I think this virus and the care and erradication of it consists of a roller coaster type ride.  Up and down, back and forth, hurry up and wait.
Manny of us learned early on that we had to do a lot of things for ourselves to make it work.
Really frustrating when you are so sick you can't leave the bathroom but must make more calls to get your medications prescribed, approved, delivered etc.
I would try to get in to transplant center while waiting for your appt to new doc.  I thought everyone took BCBS but things have changed in the years since I had it
Good luck to you
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