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MRI and Hepatologist

Am I not on top of my medical treatment continuum?  Instead of waiting I decided to get proactive.  I got a case manager from Blue Cross, I got a new primary care doctor, I found a hepatologist that accepts Anthem Blue Cross, I have requested the referal to Hepatologist  Jennifer Hall, MD. (this was my primary doctors suggestion to find a hepatoligist) I am waiting for confirmation of that referal from my new primary doctor...and my MRI has been approved for this Tuesday morning.   Why do I feel like throwing up?  I am scared thats why and it's ok.   any suggestions out there MedHelp land?
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You did great!!  Look how much you got done in one day??  tt would take a week or more for all the drs/offices/procedures to come together had you left it in their hands.  They have so many people to care for.  Its good when we're proactive in our healthcare.  We have to be.  

You feel sick because you're finally going to find out what's going on and this road is all a new journey for you.  I feel (felt) the same way.  My nerves were shot....still are.  The first visit to the hep scared me.  The cat scan the following week, even worse.  It just makes us so vulnerable.  Our body is not what it used to be and that's a scary thing.  Its also hard to put our health and issues in other people's hands.  We really dont want to know what's going on but its necessary..

You're not alone in those feelings.  I'm still quite the Hot Mess.  lol

Hang in there..you did great...and there are so many knowledgeable and supportive people here.  We'll all help like they've helped me when I was a newbie with lots of questions....and still have them.

Kudos for getting all this done.

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Hi there

Thank you pumpkin.  This is truely scary for me lately.  I'm probably having a flare up yet I was crying last night thinking how devistated I would be if I had cancer. I went through this possible cancer scare before it was like my whole life flashed before my eyes girl. It's like I can't help it.  The fear of cancer keeps looming over me.  I was traumatized a few years back ago and never quite got over it.

I have to say we are amazing people living with disease thats chronic.  

Oh yeah!  I am a hot mess for sure. Is there a group for that?..just kidding.
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I know the feeling....I  am a cancer survivor.  

You did good!
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Wow girl you did great!! You got so much done!! It's going to help calm your nerves once you get settled in with these docs. My liver diagnoses freaked me out, but after I calmed down I had to accept it. Stage 4 cirrhotic, compensated.
Well you are on the right track. Let us know how the MRI goes. Good luck:)
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Good job taking charge and getting things moving! Did you have your MRI yet?

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