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Progress of Chirrosis Update

I posted about my husband's condition exactly three months ago. He had another appointment and would like to share his lab changes. His MELD score went from 10 to 15. Here are some  other changes:
AST from 41 to 49
ALT from 76 to 101
Alkaline Phosphate from 113 to 129
Ascites still present, edema is controlled but still present.
He still gets confused at times, does not remember basic facts and is really irritated.
Even though he reduced his alcohol intake he keeps drinking, He does not grasp the shape he is in. He also has a lot of pain on the side of his abdomen. Just wondered what should I expect next.
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Thanks for all of your replies, your encouragement means a lot. It is good to know there are people who understand what others going through in this situation. I will try to stay positive and keep trying to have some effect on my husband.I will keep you posted if any major changes happen!
Take care!
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I am so sorry for what you are going through. This situation is just untenable and so difficult to understand. It seems a form of suicide, really. But just the most horrible way one could choose to end one's life. If the stories here are not graphic enough to make a difference, go to the grief pages and perhaps your husband will understand that dying from liver disease is incredibly painful and gruesome way to die.
Please do take Advocate's and Hector's advice. Make plans for your husband's demise and take care of yourself

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I am very sad to hear he is still drinking. You are in a terribly helpless situation. I am very sorry he is unable to stop. I hope some how he gets his wake up call before it is too late.

Unfortunately if he needs another medical crisis to change he may not have enough time remaining to hang on until transplant.

You are in a dreadful situation. Powerless to change someone else. I hope you have others you can talk to about this and share your feelings with. Please take care of yourself. Many times caregivers can end up ill or depressed from having to go through such as horribly difficult situation. If is unfortunate that your husband can over come his alcoholism but at least you can take care of your self.

I hoping for the best for both of you.
I have seen people change in the face of death and I hope your husband does. There is always hope.

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Thanks for your reply, your answer was about what I expected. We are going to the hepatologist next week, hope he can convince my husband to change his lifestyle so he could at least stop harming his liver anymore. A couple of years ago he already had an episode of internal bleeding and vomiting blood and spend a couple of days in the hospital. It scarred him for about a month or two, but got better after getting plasma and went back to his old habits. Some days he is feeling better and some days he is miserable. I just feel so helpless watching him destroying himself. I will take your advice and show him this website.
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I'm sorry to hear that he's still drinking.  Continuing to drink, or do anything that harms the liver, will absolutely cause his death sometime in the relatively near future.  He has ascites, edema, and Hepatic Encephalopathy.  One of the next things that could happen is bleeding varices.  Any of these symptoms could present a life threatening situation at any time.  His liver is failing, and the only way he can prevent that from happening is by stopping drinking, do everything possible to prevent further harm to his liver, and hope that after 6 months of sobriety he may be able to be listed for a liver transplant.  
Only his hepatologist can give you an idea of what to expect next, but my guess would be lots of emergency room trips, loss of mobility due to ascites and edema, skin infections due to edema, pain, leg cramps, vomiting blood or bleeding internally, and eventually sleeping more than waking, increased confusion, and possibly coma and death.
No one can predict how quickly or how slowly his End Stage Liver Disease will progress or which symptoms he will experience, but liver failure is a very horrible way to die.
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to scare you.  I'm sure you're already grief stricken and afraid.
Did his hepatologist recommend an alcohol treatment program?
If he hasn't already taken care of his will, his final wishes, giving you durable power of attorney, writing a health directive, and such, he should do that, so that when the time comes, you will be able to make those decisions for him.
Sadly, no one can make him stop drinking except him.  If I were you, I would try to get him to read some of the stories from people who have End Stage Liver Disease on this forum, or the stories of their loved ones, so that he can have a clearer understanding of what he is about to face and what he is about to put you through.
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