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So let me get this straight. This is basically the worst death ever?

So let me get this straight.  This is basically the worst death ever?  All I see is the most negative outcomes and agony. Also it seems like nonresponsive care half the time.
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I am sorry you feel that way. It always difficult to accept a new diagnosis. While it is true that cirrhosis is a chronic condition, there are other chronic conditions such as renal failure, diabetes, and HIV that could also elicit similar reactions. You can take comfort that you received this diagnosis now rather than centuries ago. At least we have better medications, procedures, and surgeries, such as TIPS and liver transplant, just to name a few. May I ask how bad is your cirrhosis? Is it mild or end-stage? This article explains how cirrhosis affects life expectancy and how to cope with a cirrhosis diagnosis:

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Hi Patrick and welcome

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in January 2008 which was caused by having hepatitis c for 30 years  at that time.

Do you know the cause your liver disease?

If it is possible to stop the cause of liver damage like curing hep C, treating hep B, stopping drinking, or losing weight if the cause is fatty liver disease it is very possible to stop further progression or even reverse cirrhosis to some extent.

I was cured of hep c in 2015 and have had several improvements. I no longer have ascities and my platelet counts while still low are improving every year.

Do you have any symptoms of cirrhosis? Any idea how long you have had cirrhosis?

Best of luck your not down yet
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