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Ultrasound found a spot near liver hald a cm ,have cirrhossis ,opinions please

Hi I have early cirrhosis , recently tested ALT  a little high at 50 , CGT 62 , Platelets 133 000 .
I was cured a few years  ago from hcv  with Harvoni . My recent Ultrasound , they saw a small spot near liver ,
0.5cm echogenic area in liver . They  tell me it is most likely a haemangioma  .
I have been asked to have a CT Scan  .  
Should I be  worried regarding cancer .  Any opinions would be appreciated .
Thank you
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Correction of title
Ultrasound found a spot near liver half a cm ,have cirrhossis ,opinions please
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Hemangioma are not uncommon. I would not worry
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Get MRI from liver transplant center. They can diagnosed HCC with imaging and may not need to biopsy.

My dad had a similar story. He did have HCC and has passed after a 16 month battle. Time is of the essence. Treatment outcomes are  better earlier and you will have more options. If tumors get too big or too many, you will not qualify for transplant.

Have AFP run, blood work. If elevate, it may suggest cancer.

I found an excellent immunotherapy doctor who treats in Mexico City with better results than treatment t in the states can offer in some cases. I wish I would have gone there first. My dad may still be alive.

Good luck. Stay diligent.
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Hepatic echogenic lesion on ultrasound statistically probably represents a benign hemangioma. However, given your history of cirrhosis, this should be confirmed with liver protocol CT or MRI abdomen with and without contrast.
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