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Update on Hector's Memorial

Hector's memorial has been changed to August 24th from 4:40 - 7:00 PM at Fort Mason in San Francisco
Aug. 24th 4:30pm till 7pm Fort Mason Center  " The Gatehouse"
This was arranged by his family but it couldn't be a more lovely location, looking out on the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay

For those who can't come but want to send a card or share a story, there's still time! PM me and I will send you my snail mail address and personally deliver them to Hector's family.  For those who have already sent something, thank you! they are incredible - sad, heartwarming and joyous all at once
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Thank you for your info....it sounds like a beautiful ceremony and a lovely venue.  Hector will be missed.    
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The world is a sadder place because he is gone but it is such a better place because he was here. When I got my diagnosis, I felt terrified and alone. Then I found this forum, where so many people shared their stories, their wisdom and their courage, and the bravest of these was Hector, who took his adversity and fought it, with knowledge, with guts, with courage and every bit of his wise and generous heart. He  showed me how to be brave, to fight back and, most of all to be kind.
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I still think of Howie everyday, as though he is still here, or in San Francisco anyways. I suppose this memorial will bring the reality home. No more buddy to go visit in the city, No more buddy to come and hang with us for awhile. Howie had class and was gracious , funny and kind always.
My husband and I are truly going to miss him.
I will be attending his Memorial.
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It was a privilege to attend Hector's memorial yesterday, meet his sister, and some MedHelp members as well. I'm attaching links here to a tribute to him that went out to all the Community Leaders earlier this month, as some members were interested.
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Hector was a most humble man who gave his time and knowledge for the betterment of others.  I enjoyed this site due to his expertise.  I know he was smiling down during his beautiful service.  So many were blessed to have known him personally and through this site.  Love and light to all.  
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that was lovely Fan

~ Linda
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