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What Now?

I have been posting on this site for almost three years now.
My husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis three years ago. He stopped drinking for a little while, maybe two months , but could not stay sober until this day. He was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago.  Last night a new and scary development happened and just wondered if it was normal and if it will happen again.
He sat down on the sofa and laid his head back. His eyes were open. For about 15 minutes he lost his consciousness.  We tried to wake him, shake him, and talk to him with no response. After about 15-20 minutes he came around. He could hardly talk at first, but got better later on. I was going to call the paramedics, but he got really upset with me and would not have it.  He probably had a couple of drinks before this episode.  My 16-year-old daughter and I were in a panic and so afraid it will happen again. I will talk to his doctor today, but meanwhile please give me some input and advice on what to expect. Thank you for your advice!
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Thank you for writing and welcome to the Cirrhosis of the Liver Community.

I am very sorry that you and your young daughter are exposed to such a horrible situation and abuse for trying to help your husband.

Frankly I can't tell if his strange behavior was related to alcohol or his cirrhosis... But that is really a pointless exercise that won't help either of you or him I'm afraid. I am sorry to say that he is the one who is choosing to continue to drink and frankly no one can stop another adult from doing whatever they desire even if it causes their own demise.

Unfortunately in order to begin to address a person's alcoholic liver disease (ALD) the first and most vital step is for the person to abstain from drinking. Until his alcoholism is addressed I am afraid there is really little to nothing that can be done about his cirrhosis which has been caused by his drinking and is made worse each time he drinks.

I have no experience myself with addiction issues so I would suggest you post your concerns about his alcoholism on the MedHelp "Alcoholic, Living with an Community" where people are more familiar with that disease can be found.

Maybe others with experience with alcohol addition will read your post here and be able to provide some advise?

As far as his cirrhosis, fortunately, while it is a very serious disease, in most cases it can be managed. It least to some degree the suffering can be minimized. Even in the worse case, if the liver should fail there is most times the option of a liver transplant. Which can allow the person can continue to live beyond the life of their own liver. But sadly, if a person doesn't care about their health and life, never mind the concern of their loved ones, there is very little anyone can do to change the situation.

I am sorry sorry that you and your daughter are in such a horrible situation. My heart goes out to you both.

If your husband expresses the desire to care for his cirrhosis of course I will be very happy to help him and your family in any way I can.
My best you.
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Hi Val,
That incident must have been scary for you & your daughter. And it sounds like it could happen again.

Does your husband have ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen)? If so, hepatic encephalopathy can develop. It's easy to find the symptoms online.

Maybe you could ask your husband's doctor:
(1) What symptoms indicate we need to call you?
(2) What symptoms indicate we should take husband to emergency room?

I wish you stamina and compassion.
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Yes, my husband has ascites  and mentally he is confused a lot. Does not remember basic things and has ranges of anger and paranoia often. I know he is having these mental issues because of his liver, but he is in denial about it and refuses to address it with his doctor. I don't know how I could help him if he  does not even acknowledge that he has a problem and keeps drinking and I don't know how often these episodes will happen.
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This is not my area of expertise to be sure but could you plan an intervention with people who care about your husband to give him an opportunity to see how many will miss him if he continues this path?

You might find help through AA or even a group on this site

You are absolutely right that you can't help him if he won't help himself

I am so sorry that you and your family are going through it. Please find some assistance and counseling for yourself as well
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