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Why biopsy 1 mass when there are several

No diagnosis yet, but they didn’t find malignant cells in the sample taken. Should I ask for biopsy of some of the other masses?
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“ Benign (noncancerous) liver tumors are common. ... The three most common types of benign liver tumors are hemangiomas, focal nodular hyperplasias, and hepatocellular adenomas. Rarely do any of these conditions require treatment. Hemangiomas, the most common form of benign liver tumors, are masses of abnormal blood vessels.”

Are you seeing a liver specialist aka hepatologist? If not get an appointment with one and follow their recommendations
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Testing for benign liver masses
Differentiating benign liver lesions from cancers can sometimes be done by radiologic imaging studies alone.

In addition to a physical exam, your doctor may order the following tests:

Imaging studies
Imaging studies, such as CT scans or abdominal ultrasounds, can show:

The size and location of the lesion(s)
Any blood clots in the major branches of the portal and hepatic veins
Any enlarged lymph nodes
Evidence of cirrhosis and its complications
The vasculature structure surrounding the lesion
FNH lesions are usually well defined, with a typical “central scar” on CT scans.

Hepatic cysts can usually be differentiated from solid lesions by ultrasound or CT scans.

It's helpful to compare the size of the lesion to prior imaging studies (if they exist), to determine if the mass is growing. Follow-up imaging is important to ensure that the lesion is not enlarging.

Blood tests
Blood tests measure a complete blood cell count and assess how well your liver works. These include liver function tests, as well as tumor markers to evaluate your general health.

If the diagnosis is not clear, then often a liver biopsy is done to examine a sliver of the liver mass under the microscope. This outpatient procedure allows the liver pathologist t o determine the tissue diagnosis or if cancer cells are present.

Hemangiomas — Caution should be taken in ordering a liver biopsy if the suspected diagnosis is hemangioma, due to the risk of bleeding from the biopsy site, especially if the lesion is at the edge of the liver.

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