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can marijuana cure cirrhosis

my father 78 years old was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. he has ascites. almost every 2 weeks the fluids are removed from this abdomen using needle.he has no history of drinking alcohol or hepatitis when he was young. once fluids are removed, he losses potassium and magnesium that causes a heart rhythm and needs IV potassium and magnesium to normalise his heart rhythm. we have been in this situation for the past 3 months and has been in the ICU and this has been the cycle. we are already thinking of giving alternative medicine such as marijuana oil as i've heard that it will remove his pain. my father has been suffering pain for almost a week now. the doctor gives pain medicine and if he is in extreme pain, gives sedation. can marijuana oil help ease his pain and maybe help with his liver cirrhosis.thanks for your advise
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sorry to hear about your dad.  It must be hard to accept considering he lived a healthy life.  The stark facts are that we are all going to die of one or more organs failing one day.

Your father's condition unfortunately is very advanced from what you have revealed.  There is no cure for this kind of damage.Only a transplant will save him.  

Pain relief with Cirrhosis can be very difficult because the Liver processes any drugs you take.  There are doctors who specialise in pain relief, has he been referred to one?
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thank you for your reply.he is given pain reliever and sedation if he is in extreme pain right now. we are desperate. we wanted to try alternative medicines for cirrhosis like marijuana. what do you suggest with his ascites and liver cirrhosis to be painless? true, all medicines given to him is being absorbed by this damaged liver. do you think taking herbal as an alternative will prolong his liver situation?
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I am sorry to hear of your father's condition.
I agree with ralph that unfortunately your farther has End-Stage Liver Disease (ESLD) and there is very little that can be done as far as managing his liver disease. It appears that his liver is in the final stages of failing. All treatments for the complications of his cirrhosis are only a temporary solutions unfortunately.

I would suggest talking to your father about his end of life wishes. The hospital he was in should have services that can help you with this.

As far as pain control. Marijuana is typically used for mild to moderate pain not severe or end of life pain. Opiate related drugs are used for this purpose. For people that are at home this is usually done by what is sometimes call the "Pain Management Center/Clinic" at the hospital. You should get a referral to them by your father's doctor and talk with them on how best to manage his pain.

Once a person has extreme pain it is very difficult to get the pain under control. People with severe pain need to be on continual pain meds taken on a regular schedule to keep the pain under control. If the pain gets out of control, then he should have another more powerful med to control the "break-through pain". This is how severe chronic pain is managed medically.

Talk to his doctor and get the end of life services that your father needs before he suffers any more than necessary.
My best to you, your father and your family.
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thank you for your reply hector.it really helps me in doing what is best for my father now.god bless you hector.
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likewise hector. he cannot talk now anymore and he could not recognize us anymore. :(
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I'm so sorry about your father. Have you contacted hospice? They are to help your father and your family in this difficult time and will recognize when your dad needs extra pain relief
Thinking about and sending good thoughts to your dad and you and your family
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I am sure you will do what is best for your father.
With love you can speak for him and his wishes, now that he can't speak for himself.

My best wishes you, your father and family.
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I'm so very sorry about your dad.  I lost a family member in the spring due to Liver Cancer caused by Cirrhosis.  In my state marijuana is not legal, but we were able to give him the oil up until going into Hospice.  I truly believe that it helped tremendously with his pain.  
May your dad have a peaceful transition.  I know how sad it is to lose someone you love.  
Sending prayers
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Did anyone mention doing a tips procedure for your father. It is a shunt that bypasses the liver. The side effect is a high ammonia level but you should look for some more answers. And why aren't they giving magnesium and potassium supplements if they are always low?
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